Trade Education - Roadshow

Client: The Royal Commission for AlUla, Saudi Arabia

Conducted a series of offline events for our industry partners at all primary cities. The events took the form of a roadshow, aimed to educate the industry on the destination’s product offerings. Using the state-of-the-art technology, we enabled key distributors to enroll and participate automatically in the events, and allowed the industry stakeholders from Saudi to connect with the audience virtually. On top of the attendance of more than 220 travel agents and media, the event was named the best and most impressive trade event in the market.

亚澳营销策划 (Contineo Marketing) 作为沙特阿拉伯埃尔奥拉皇家委员会 (Royal Commission for AlUla, RCU) 委任的中国区市场代理,全权负责埃尔奥拉地区 (AlUla) 在中国的市场代理与营销推广工作。围绕埃尔奥拉“高端文化、遗迹和自然目的地”,“沙特必去的目的地”的定位,致力于提升这个有着20万年人类历史和7000年文明的目的地在中国市场的知名度,拓展分销渠道与行业合作网络,推动旅游业务在中国的落地与发展。

沙特阿拉伯西北部城市埃尔奥拉 (AlUla),距离首都利雅得1,100公里,坐拥极为丰厚的自然人文遗产。占地22,561平方公里的埃尔奥拉幅员广阔、地质结构多样,繁茂的绿洲山谷、高耸的砂岩山脉,以及历经数千年岁月的历史文化遗址,记录了当年利亚哈尼 (Lihyan) 和纳巴泰 (Nabataean) 王国统治时期的过往。